International Akaushi Registry Association
International Akaushi Registry Association

The International Akaushi Registry Association

The International Akaushi Registry Association was formed under the guidance of the former president of the Akaushi Registry Association of Kumamoto, Japan as a "Closed Herd Association" following the 101 year old Kumamoto Akaushi Registry Association rules. 


The Full-Blood Akaushi Wagyu genetics allowed into the IARA, under his guidance, were DNA tested to be Full-Blood Akaushi Wagyu genetics and traced back to the orginal foundation animals imported from Kumamoto, Japan. 


The IARA goal is to to manage, promote and encourage the growth of Full-Blood Akaushi Wagyu genetics.


By offering a closed herd book association, where genetics can only be bought through other association members, guarantees the purest Full-Blood Akaushi Wagyu genetics outside of Kumamoto, Japan. 


You can join through our website or by contacting one of our office staff in our contact section.

The International Akaushi Registry Association members offer a variety of Full-Blood Akaushi Wagyu cattle, embryos and semen straws. 

The Heart Healthy Beef

Akaushi Wagyu, also known as Red Wagyu, is a Bos Taurus breed originating in Kumamoto, Japan over 101 years ago. Akaushi translates as “red cow” and Wagyu means “Japanese Cow.” This breed is one of Japan’s four indigenous breeds The Wagyu high marbling breeds of cattle consists of animals which have black or red coats.  Bulls are of moderate size are very tame and are highly fertile.

The main features of the Akaushi Wagyu breed that make it great for crossing with other cattle breeds are:

*Low calf weight at birth 60-65lbs (25/30KG). 

*Fertility rate. Female Akaushi Wagyu have a high sexual precocity.  They tend to produce untill 18 plus years of age due to bone structure.  This high fertility has yielded excellent results in reproductive technology such as embryo transfer and artificial insemination.

Akaushi Bulls have been know to cover 50 cows during breeding season unlike western breeds that only cover 25 cows.

*Genetic ability to produce a high percentage of intramuscular fat (marbling). Marbling is the distribution of fat between the muscle fibers of the meat.  The Akaushi Wagyu has the ability to produce high marbling in their meat from pasture grasses without grain additives.  Akaushi meat contains extremely high amounts of intramuscular fat or marbling with a fatty acid composition that is significantly lower in saturated fat and cholesterol and higher in monounsaturated fat, and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA is a very beneficial and essential fatty acid in human nutrition.

*Adaptation. The Akaushi Wagyu adapts to a wide range of climatic conditions. Like other Bos Taurus breeds, Akaushi Wagyu have ability to live in extreme hot weather and its natural adaptability to live in extreme weather conditions (cold or tropical). Akaushi’s Wagyu ability to marble well on grass forage makes this a breed that is easy to manage.

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